From a young age, Julia was in tune with her body, soul and the natural world around her. Julia’s love of nature was fueled not only from her holistic upbringing, but also from growing up in the beautiful surroundings of Maine and Florida. Julia now calls Colorado home, after living in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Germany.

Julia began studying ballet and dance from a very young age and this love of movement and expression planted seeds within her soul. She also practiced yoga from a young age; however, she found a deeper calling within her practice later in life. Those seeds began to sprout after Julia’s daughter Mayson was born in 2013. Julia realized that she not only wanted to nurture her child, but she wanted to nurture and heal those within our community and the world. 

In 2017, she obtained her certificate in 200 hrs RYT with Pranic Soul in Kundalini, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga.  During this time, Julia also fulfilled another dream: launching her own skincare line of healing and nourishing oils. She named her company “Shanti May” as an homage to Shanti meaning peace and her daughter’s first name, May. In September 2018 she became Reiki I and II certified with Jenn Streck. She continued her Reiki Master training and Crystal Academy with Sat Dev Bir in California January 2020. In June 2019 she obtained her certification as a KRI teacher with Guru Singh at Yoga West. In November 2020 she completed a business and coaching program with Sukdev Jackson. Julia believes it’s important to always be a student of life and never stop seeing the teacher in everyone we meet and every experience. As humans, suffering leads to compassion and no one is exempt from these learning experiences here. During one of Julia’s challenging times (where transformation forms and is most potent), she used yoga and reiki healing as her own therapy to get through an extremely painful time in her life. While she had become a Mother she also lost a relationship that she had placed her identity and happiness into. Through energy healing and yoga she began to reconnect with the happiness within her, closing her eyes she came home to her true self. She is passionate about helping moms, women, and men of all walks of life! Her mission is to help others through the tools that helped and still help heal, elevate and transform her life.

She now offers the very tools that helped bring her personally through the darkness into the light through reiki healing sessions, yoga and intuitive coaching and has found these to be a part of her passion and life’s work. All of the healing she teaches are deeply connected to her own healing journey. When asked about her love of yoga, Julia responds, “I love how yoga connects us to our breath- the life force, bringing with it awakening and transformation.” Julia’s teaching style is approachable. Everyone, at every level, is welcome. She aims to make each session healing, impactful and compassionate. She views each and every session as a new beginning. She aims to educate her students not only through yoga and reiki but through rooting everything in life back to nature. She believes in the simplicity of finding our way back to our pure, true selves. The first step, she says, is to strip away all of the social norms, pressures and ideologies that are forced on us through the material world. Getting to our purest and truest self, allows us to center our mind, body and spirit in a transformative way. We must acknowledge that life is challenging, but through empowerment, we are able to take on those challenges with renewed strength, grace and joy.

When not centered on her mat, you can find Julia hiking, traveling, exploring different cultures and religions, studying ancient practices, mixing oils, learning to create new vegan dishes, speaking at wellness events, studying energy healing and spending quality time with her daughter, family, and friends.



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