About Julia’s Yoga Journey

I believe practicing all forms of yoga can be powerful and transformational for the mind, body, and spirit. I want to help people learn to free their minds and release energy that is not serving us with the tools yoga has to offer.

My love for yoga began in my late teens. From the beginning of my yoga practice, I sensed a deep connection and calling. This feeling is something I want to share with others to help enrich their lives. It was my very first kundalini yoga class when I felt I experienced the essence of what yoga can bring by stripping away layers of fear and doubt and simply going inward to the true, compassionate self.

Along with my years of ballet and yoga experience, I trained with Leigh Mallis, the owner of “Pranic Soul Teacher Training” (RYT 200 hour). I continue to be involved in workshops, reading, and maintaining a high-level energy that I incorporate into classes.

The birth of my child, Mayson Maria, was the motivating force behind my will to teach. My love of May, a spirited 4-year old, propelled me to commit to a healthy lifestyle and to inspire others to do the same. May and I enjoy spending time in nature, hiking, and exploring life with our family and friends. I am passionate about helping guide my students to ignite the fire that abides within each of us.



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